A Checkbox describes a state or value that can be either “On or Off.” Checkboxes are not mutually exclusive. More than one Checkbox may be checked at the same time.

Rules of Thumb

  • Use Checkboxes when there is a list of options from which the user may select any number of choices.
  • In a list, each Checkbox is independent of all other Checkboxes.
  • When asking the user to make a mutually exclusive choice, use a Radio Button not a Checkbox.
  • Group Checkboxes whenever possible.

Appearance and Behavior

A checkbox can be configured for required input. See Form and Input Validation.


checkbox do

checkbox do

Do: Neatly arrange and group multiple Checkboxes whenever possible.

checkbox dont

checkbox dont

Don’t: Poorly placed and misaligned Checkboxes make it difficult for users to differentiate one state from another.